Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Luckiest

The Luckiest

The last couple of weeks I've been really, really, REALLY busy with everything under the sun. Most of you guys know, but I'm a full-time mom and wife, an artist and photographer, and a blogger. Life is ALWAYS busy, but lately I've been so swamped that I have to just take a minute to give a huge THANK YOU to my husband for being my rock and support through it all! 

I am so lucky to have a partner who believes in me, supports my many endeavors, encourages me, and steps up to the plate to help with everything! Fall is probably the busiest season for my JWebb Photography business (timing is everything when dealing with photos, light, and falling leaves). Zach has taken care of our little one on numerous evenings while I was out with photo sessions. He's gone to bed alone when I've stayed up to edit images or work on blog posts. He is usually one of the first to "like" when I post the photo previews on facebook or share my blog. He is my biggest fan and the best teammate. 

I'm so lucky to have a husband who literally comes home from a full day of work ready to tackle anything. He helps with dinner, changes diapers, tag-teams E's bath-time, helps clean the kitchen, fixes things, and he is ultimately the one who always gets Emmajean to sleep in her crib at night. 

When I'm utterly exhausted from being up late working ('cause who can get anything done during the day with a little one), and from keeping our rambunctious, totally-fearless toddler entertained, fed, and safe all day, Zach is my rock. It is a blessing to have a partner who not only helps with EVERYTHING, but who completely acknowledges and appreciates all that I do, too.

Zach, you keep me us going and I am so grateful to do life with you!

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