Monday, November 6, 2017


Over the weekend, Zach, Emmajean,  and I took off to the quaint historic shopping town of Galena, Illinois. We headed over the misty Mississippi to spend time with Emmajean's great aunt and uncle in the Galena Territory. We had a great time and the trip was easy and relaxing! WELL, fairly relaxing... there's always a little chasing involved with a wee one.

Aunt Linda and Uncle Thad made it super easy on us traveling with our active 17 month old! Let me tell you a few things that made this trip extra enjoyable. Maybe these tips will help you when you travel or host a family with a young child!

1. WE ATE IN.  They picked out a wonderful assortment of lunch meat, brauts & fresh buns, fruit, chips, veggies, and dessert galore; so we didn't need to go out to EAT! They even had easy Mac, applesauce, yogurt, and prunes for baby girl.. I'm not sure how they knew those are her favorite!  {We took along Emmajean's booster seat, which definitely came in handy.}

2. WE PLAYED EVERYTHING BY EAR! They didn't have any major timeline or plans. We all  explored the Galena Territory by car. Then Thad dropped Linda and I off in downtown Galena so we could visit the shops. While Linda and I shopped, Zach, E, and Thad watched the Iowa Hawkeye football game back at the house. Having flexibility with no major plans made our little adventures extra fun and relaxed.

3. THEY EVEN HAD A CRIB {and toys}! Yep, Z and I didn't even need to bring in the packnplay and set it up, because they already had a crib in one of the guest rooms. E loved playing with the basket of toys they had for their grandkids. Score! {Not every host has a crib so just be sure to take along your packnplay.}

After Emmajean went to bed we stayed up talking for a bit before following suit and sleeping soundly in their cozy retreat!

It was a fun weekend and I enjoyed getting to take my first stroll through the shops in Galena. There were so many that there's no way we could have seen them all on our little visit. One of my favorite that we did visit was the American Popcorn company! Let's just say, we left Galena with what could be a year's supply of caramel corn!  We didn't spend too much time shopping this trip, but it was the perfect amount of "touristy time"  for our family visit. We will definitely be going back! :)

We really couldn't have asked for a more hospitable getaway! It was so nice to spend time with family and in an environment that made it welcoming and easy to do with our little one. Thank you so much, Linda & Thad!

After a relaxing visit in the territory, we enjoyed our scenic drive home...  over the Mississippi and back to Saint Olaf.

Happy Monday,  from Sunny in Saint Olaf!

What did you get into this weekend? With so much to do around the house, sometimes the best way to relax on the weekend is to get out of town! Don't ya think? :p

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  1. **** HEY FOLKS **** I just had a person on facebook pose the question, if anyone has eaten at “Fried Green Tomatoes” in Galena? He really likes it and was passing on the info! I'll be sure to try in next time I'm in town.