Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Birthday Giveaway | Thank You

Thank You!

Thank you so much to everyone for the sweet messages, comments, and texts on my birthday! Emmajean kicked off my day by sleeping through the night in her crib, yea we're still working on that so it was a huge gift! She woke up at 6:15 and I got to "sleep in" until a little after 8 am (I can't believe that's sleeping in now--thanks Zach!!) Z also surprised me with a new camera lens, which is always an excellent choice for a photographer--more on that soon! I got lots of snuggles and playtime from Emmajean, a sparkly pair of bedroom slippers from my awesome nieces, and enjoyed doing nothing at all around the house all day! I even had a couple of sweet visitors who brought me treats this afternoon! Then Z, E, and I made a quick trip to town to pick up a space heater, and drive through Culver's for a birthday dinner in the minivan! --So far 33 is pretty exciting! ;) 

We also had a very special drawing for all of you guys who liked, followed, & shared my new facebook page SunnyinSaintOlaf this week! I'd like to say an extra big thank you to all of you who've helped me kick off my new page! If you missed out on this giveaway do not worry.. there will be more to come, so head over and follow me on facebook now before you forget! 

It's never easy for me to start something new, but I'm so happy I started SunnyinSaintOlaf four years ago when we moved to rural Iowa! There is a slight anxiety that comes with the pressure to keep something up, to attract new followers, to be witty and informative, and to balance everything. So I thank each of you for your support as I created this new little chapter on facebook for SunnyinSaintOlaf! For my newer followers, I hope you'll enjoy my mundane musings, our small town adventures, my reflections, DIY projects, baking experiment successes and my total fiascoes! 

My goals for 33 are to continue focusing on family, creating new art, living in the moment, enjoying the small things, practicing patience, forgiveness, loving, and sharing with you guys right here on SunnyinSaintOlaf!

Thanks again for all of the awesome birthday blessings 
and to all of you who participated in my first Sunny Giveaway!

*Winners I will be getting your prizes out to you ASAP!


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