Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

from SUNNYinSaintOlaf!

How we celebrated E's 2nd Halloween....

It started with this ADORABLE outfit I found at The Copper Frog in Elkader, IA. I love that shop and she looked TOO cute for words! 

She was very sleepy, so decided to take a nice long nap!

Yes, I wake up this cute! Then we got ready and headed to town to meet up with Dad. Z got off work a little early so we could take our precious little flower to see her Great Grandpa at the Strawberry Lutheran Home. He was thrilled, and I think a few others got a kick out of her cuteness, too!

Next, we made it over to the local library to see other kids in their costumes and for a costume contest. Emmajean didn't take home the prize, but she is definitely our prize! Next, we headed over to our friends' house as we do each year. We get ZERO trick-or-treaters at the farm so we've always made our way to town so we can enjoy the festivities with friends. 

 E loved seeing kids come to the door almost as much as she loved seeing and hearing all of the clocks at our friends' house! She ran back and forth for half an hour between all of their clocks. She had such a fun time and even figured out how to unwrap some candy by herself on the car ride home!! We picked up carryout from Fennellys', a local favorite, and were home out of the cold for dinner and snuggles before bed.

And finally... a couple of photos with mom! Or the best we could manage after a day full of adventures!

Let's hope that means she's ready to sleep ALL night! 

It was a cold, but extremely cute Halloween! 
...and on this night 33 years ago, my mom went into labor! Happy Birthing Night, MOM! 
(Not sure if that made me a trick or a treat?!)

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Good night friends!