Saturday, November 4, 2017

JWebb Photography | FFA FALL SENIOR

JWebb Photography | FFA Fall Senior Session

A few weeks ago I had a fall senior session scheduled with this handsome young man. I took his older brother's senior photos two years ago and was excited when they asked me to take Andrey's this fall.  As the date approached, I got a message from his mom that she had an idea. Suzanne contacted me about adding a quick mini-session in before his actual senior session. She explained that she had stumbled over her dad's FFA jacket and a generation FFA photo-op idea was in the making. Of course I jumped at the idea and am so glad we were able to get these three farmers in front of the camera before they were too busy with the harvest to sit still for photos! 

Did I mention that Andrey restored this John Deere tractor himself? How awesome is that! I had to take a few shots of him in action, while he re-positioned the tractor for me!

I absolutely adore these images of a granddad, dad, and son. What a truly fantastic idea, Suzanne! 

This wasn't the only big idea she had for me... This next photo, the one of the beautiful sunset, was taken at the top of a 100 ft grain bin overlook the farmland. 

Did that mean I had to climb up to the top of a grain bin for these photographs? YES! Do you think I was a wee-bit nervous? I was only slightly TERRIFIED! Was it worth it?.....100%

I'm lucky I didn't drop my camera, pass out, or panic! In all honesty, it was a fun adventure and I felt pretty proud when I made it back to the ground! Not to mention, I LOVE how these images turned out! Doesn't he look so calm and at home up there?

This is a view of the grain bins from afar that I captured on my way home. Of course I stopped the car and jumped out to get this shot looking back over to their farm. I still can't believe I made it to the top, across a tiny platform on to a second grain bin so that I could get the image I needed, and back down. Whew, talk about an adrenaline rush! Suzanne was originally thinking we'd take these grain bin shots at his full senior session two weeks later, but the sun was perfect and if I waited I thought I might have talked myself out of the climb. I'm so glad we went ahead and took these when we did! 

You can believe I was totally pumped up after that mini session! l was excited to head back over to their gorgeous farmhouse two weeks later.

Here are some of my favorites from Andrey's fall senior session:

 That SMILE!

I love that a grain truck was driving through the bins when I snapped this image. Cool, right?! For all of my friends and followers back east, this is a way of life in Iowa. During the fall harvest the farmers, tractors, roads, trucks, trains and all are busy moving corn and soybeans. The fact that it didn't stop for photos is real, the grain dust flying is real. 

This is real life. I love capturing seniors in their element and know these images will be ones he and his family will look back on and cherish. 

Suzanne, Thank you for trusting me with your senior's session! He did such a fantastic job! 

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  1. I love these pictures - what a great capture of Iowa farm life! The photos of three generations with their FFA jackets are priceless.

    1. Thanks, me too! Loved their idea for the FFA photos! :)

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