Thursday, November 2, 2017

Taking Time for Lunch

Taking Time for Lunch

Maybe I should have photographed this before I piled on the homemade ranch, but it was delicious! 

This seems like it would be a given, but too often I don't even fix myself lunch. I am so engulfed in life (including Emmajean's lunch, the house, art, photo client orders, friends, etc.) that I neglect myself.

A couple of weeks ago a friend was over and talking to me about some tummy troubles she'd been having for a YEAR! The only thing she can really attribute it to was poor eating, specifically chips or junk at meal time, because she was so busy with life. Let's face it, junk food is addictive and easy! 

Fast forward to last week, I realized that I had been making Emmajean breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner and eating complete garbage myself! It hit me like a loaded-down grain truck that I had eaten the same thing for almost 4 straight meals. I say garbage,  but chips and salsa doesn't taste like garbage! I probably had chips and salsa for lunch at least 5 times last week and a couple of times for dinner, yikes. 

What's worse is that our 17 month old is wanting to copy everything I do these days. Watching her reach for a bag of chips, a crinkly candy wrapper, or a shiny red can of coke makes my heart heavy. She doesn't even drink Coke! I know she's watching what I do. While she is a great eater and loves to drink water, I'm scared of the direction she may go if she follows my lead. So, today I pledged to myself (and now to y'all) that I'm going to do better! I started by making a salad and soup for my own lunch today. So simple, right? I already feel better having had something healthy for lunch and just hope I can stick with it! 

Indulgence in moderation is fine, my problem is keeping it in moderation. 
So there.. I've admitted it, now I'm going to do something about it. Wish me luck!

Cheers to healthy choices and taking time for lunch!

What's your guilty pleasure? Is there a food you could eat everyday of the week?


  1. Oh boy! I've been on the ride of chips and salsa. When we had to go gluten free >10 years agi it was so convenient--we had nachos for almost every meal. I made a gallon of salsa at a time-it was delicious. Then we eliminated dairy--oh my! so now no cheese. but I still had to have the crunch and salsa. Eventually I made a transition to a healthier diet including green shakes in the am and eliminated the tortilla chips/salsa for over a year. The chips/salsa have crept back into my life somewhat but I am also planning to pull the reigns in a bit. I love humus and I eat it daily! w gluten free crackers. downfall is--high carbo load-i love to eat. I gave up soda/pop years ago. We all know both the sugar free and regular are bad stuff. One of the best gifts I gave myself was no soda/pop. Thanks for your inspiration and reminder. Time to get winterized and back to healthy!

    1. Oh my! So I'm definitely not the only one!! :) Z and I have been practically living off of his gallon sized batches of homemade salsa. It is delicious, so easy, and most certainly healthy in moderation, I'm sure! I just got to the point where I was like.. come on Jillian, time for some vegetables!!! Luckily, I rarely drink soda (POP as they call it out here in the Midwest)! Glad I could be of a little inspiration.. hopefully I can keep it up on my end, too! ♥ Thanks for the comments!