Sunday, November 26, 2017

Thanksgiving, Family, Carriage Rides and Santa Claus!

The Holidays...
a time for family, food, and reflection.

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Thursday Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I managed to pull together a feast for three. It provided plenty of yummy leftovers for us and for Emmajean's grandparents, who traveled from NC for the weekend. Don't think I didn't ask if I should have waited to have Thanksgiving dinner on Friday when they planned to make their arrival, because I did. Zach's folks were driving a 26 ft truck, loaded to the top with their belongings, to start their moving process! (If you're just now following me, we are going to have one set of grandparents in Iowa next spring!) So, after talking to Zach's mom, we decided it would be best if we didn't try to plan a set time for Thanksgiving dinner with them. We decided it made more sense to save them some yummy leftovers... which wasn't a problem in the slightest!

This actually worked out great, because I was able to clean up the post-Thanksgiving madhouse before they ever made it to the farm, and we had delicious food ready at the drop of a hat during the Friday ballgame without having to cook a thing. 

Unfortunately two of our friends, Kate and Andrew, had to witness this mess in all of its glory. #Thankful for friends who wont panic over the state of  your mess. LOL! I did manage to clean everything up nice and tidy before bed on Thursday so we could have a fresh start on Friday. 


We met Zach's folks over at their new house, which is well underway and looking amazing! We got to walk through all of the rooms and enjoy the view of the Mississippi. I can't wait to see how Gima Dawn decorates it... she is really fantastic and I know it's going to be absolutely breathtaking! I'll share progress photos along the way. 

Saturday Carriage Rides

Saturday we took Emmajean to have her first carriage ride in Elkader and to visit with Santa Claus. How awesome is it that Elkader provides carriage rides and Santa Claus visits each year? I don't blame Santa; Elkader is a really fun town to hang out in and visit! 

I think Emmajean was in shock for the entire experience! 

She sat perfectly still, so she must have been taking it all in and enjoying it!

The horse was beautiful and I'm sure Emmajean would have loved to ride on his back if I had let her! I think she was wondering why he didn't rock like her horses at home. 

Watching the kids line up and wait patiently for their carriage ride adventure and Santa Conversation melted my heart.  Do you have a special holiday tradition in your hometown? 

 Next up... Santa Claus

I'm going to let the photos do the talking here:

Slightly apprehensive this year, but maybe just sleepy!  


After a busy fun-filled weekend, we took Grandpa to the Eastern Iowa Airport for his journey back to NC. We managed to hang on to Gima for a couple more weeks here at the farm! Can't wait to share all the adventures we get into, but for now... it's time to sleep!

OH! Before I forget, we picked up some flour and sugar to donate to our local food shelf  and mittens and hats for the Shepherd of the Hills, our local charitable organization-- the first small way we decided to give back this season. Thanks to Norway Lutheran Church for encouraging members to do this. I hope these things help brighten a family's holiday season and that I can encourage you to do similar in your corner of the world. 


We are so grateful for your friendship and all our blessings!
Thank you for checking in to see what we've been up to this weekend. 

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