Monday, November 13, 2017

The Greatest Show On Earth at the Left Bank Gallery - McGregor Iowa

 "The Greatest Show On Earth" at the Left Bank Gallery - McGregor Iowa

We had a fairly laid back, yet productive, weekend here in Saint Olaf! It included: snuggling, banana bread, chasing Emmajean as she flew around the pews at church, editing photos, working on some Christmas gifts, washing dishes, laundry, and among other things... a trip to the exhibit "The Greatest Show on Earth" over in McGregor, IA! For my out-of-town followers, McGregor is a charming historic town along the Mississippi River and only about 20 minutes from Saint Olaf.

It was pretty cold and dreary, but dad and I bundled up the little one for a fun adventure! There is always something fun to do in northeast Iowa!

Emmajean was entranced when we pulled up to "the circus" and 
encountered two ferocious tigers!  

These tigers were painted by artist Maureen Wild. Maureen and a few other local artists recently worked to fix up this fun, historic, McGregor feature! Have you driven past it yet? You should most certainly stop to have your photo taken! Make sure you see it in person the next time you are out in McGregor, luckily this is a permanent display! 

Fantastic job, Maureen! I could feel the tiger's roar! 

Like Emmajean, I immediately noticed and was entranced by this cage on my first trip to McGregor 9 years ago. She's never been to circus, but it instantly brought back the fun and thrilling memories of a trip to the circus from my youth. Seeing this display several years ago I knew there was a connection between McGregor and the Ringling Brothers, but I didn't know the full extent until we visited the exhibit this weekend. 

After we made it past the ferocious tigers and the clown, we made our way into the special exhibit "The Greatest Show on Earth" inside the Left Bank Shop and Gallery at the McGregor-Marquette Center for the Arts. 

The exhibit features memorabilia and belongings from the Ringling family's home when they lived in McGregor, Iowa, accompanied by entertaining information. You know I won't give too much away here, you have to get over there and see for yourself! Head over to the Left Bank Shop and Gallery in McGregor, Iowa, before Dec. 17th,  to see "The Greatest Show On Earth." 

Yep, you read that sign right.. the Ringling Brothers were born in the small riverside town of McGregor, IA. This exhibit has several interesting pieces that you should see in person. So when you are looking for an interesting adventure in the next few weeks, be sure to head over to The Left Bank Shop and Gallery to shop local art and to see a bit of history, too! 

For those of you who aren't in the area and want to learn more you can read this article by the Clayton County Register. Also, enjoy these images I took while I visited the Left Bank over the weekend. They always have beautiful things to view and buy. See some things that would make an excellent Christmas gift? I do! 

Have you thought of Christmas presents yet this year? 
 I personally think ART makes a great gift! 
#ShopLocal and #BuyArt 

At the McGregor-Marquette Center for the Arts
158 Main Street, P.O. Box 451
McGregor, Iowa  52157
Tel   563.329.2010


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  1. The pictures are really wonderful! Looks like you guys and little Emmajean had a lot of fun there. My little one is also fond of circuses. I love to take him places. It's a great feeling experiencing that with him. I am about to take him to an exhibition in this really great event space Chicago has! I love holidays because I get to go out and do all the fun stuff with him. Happy holidays to you and the family!!