Sunday, November 19, 2017

Weekend Adventures | Lighting the Bridge at Motor Mill

Weekend Adventures| Lighting the Bridge at Motor Mill 

There's been a whirlwind of activity over the past week/weekend in small town Iowa and beyond! 

This week Emmajean turned 18 months old and completed her last well child checkup for awhile. Buddy caught a medium sized sleepy possum in the cabinet of our outdoor grill, and he coincidentally had a trip to the doggy spa. Zach's parents put their NC house on the market and accepted an offer!!! E had her first friend spend the night; we danced and played and attempted to create salt dough ornaments. I'll share more on the salt dough ornaments after Emmajean and I finish decorating hers this week! In the meantime let me get back to our big weekend adventures!

They were so cute running around in my aprons!

As if I weren't excited for the holidays enough, this weekend Zach and I took Emmajean for her first trip to the Historic Motor Mill to see the annual lighting of the bridge! I'm 1000-times in love with these quick photos we took before the bridge lighting celebration. Emmajean is so sweet and gives the best hugs!

This image is Emmajean's first look out from Motor Mill. It was also my first time being inside of the mill!

The conservation board has worked to renovate Motor Mill so that people can once again go inside and up and down all of the floors.The celebration brought people to see not only the bridge, which is a gorgeous functional feature that enables locals and tourists alike to cross the Turkey River at this spot, but also gave many people a chance to see inside of the mill. What a neat way to share the renovations and work put into restoring this northeast Iowa treasure!

We were excited to see so many of our friends come out for the event and to learn more about the history behind Motor Mill. The effort and passion to restore and protect this Elkader local landmark that is on The National Register of Historic Places is evident. 

 We were all bundled up and the hot cocoa and cookies that the Clayton County Conservation Board provided for the celebration helped keep everyone warm and merry, too!  If you didn't get to go to the bridge lighting, you can still visit Motor Mill and plan to take a tour. Take a look at their website for the touring schedule and more information.

You may even recognize this bridge from a few of my JWebb photo sessions that I've shared over the years! I'm so happy I took along my camera this time and was able take a few photos of our friends, our first Motor Mill family photo, and these adorable images of Emmajean in front of the old mill. 

I'm not sure how I'll decide which one of these adorable red coat pictures of E I'll print! Who knows, maybe I'll take a few of her senior photos in the same spot one day! 

If you would like to learn more about Motor Mill, the Clayton County Conservation Board, and how to visit, support, or donate, click on any of these links.  

AND lastly, this weekend we began cleaning up for Zach's folks upcoming holiday visit! Can you believe it's almost THANKSGIVING? Don't worry, I've still got a few pumpkins and gourds around the house for Thanksgiving, along with a couple of our small lit Christmas trees! LOL.. I'm SO READY for ALL of the holidays, don't judge me! :) 

During all of the excitement, I have enjoyed cozy moments snuggling our little pumpkin and documenting our adventures! We hope you've had a fabulous weekend and don't forget to check back this week to see who wins the SunnyinSaintOalf Luna Stone Giveaway!



  1. What adorable pics of Emmajean and of course the adults also! Good idea about taking her senior pic in that same spot--or annually. I didn't do an annual "same location" w my kiddos although I love the idea. You def have some Christmas card material in these pictures. Those dough ornaments last forever! Enjoy! lme from Alaska

    1. Thanks, LME from Alaska! :) I love how these photos came out, too. I hadn't thought of annual photos in the same spot. That's a great idea, too! I can see us making dough ornaments again, too. :) Hope you had a happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Love the pics! Adorable! Love your stories too. I hope Emmajean and Elise can meet someday!

    1. Thanks so much for visiting the blog and for the sweet comment! Yes, we MUST have Elise and Emmajean meet, for sure! Hope you all had an extra wonderful Thanksgiving. xo