Friday, December 8, 2017

Behind the Scenes with My Own Family Photo Session for 2017

Behind the Scenes with Our Own Family Photo Session for 2017

I am the photographer and owner of JWebb Fine Art & Photography here in northeast Iowa. Recently I was asked, "who takes the photographer's family photos?" I thought the answer would be a great one to share with you here on the blog! 

I highly encourage you to hire a professional photographer (me!) at least once a year to document your sweet family! I'm not opposed to hiring a photographer for my own family photos, but we often take our own photos with my handy tripod and remote. Although it's a lot easier to get everyone to look and smile if I'm behind the camera! 

I'm not opposed to bribes, hence Emmajean's lollipop, but prefer to call them "treats!"

This year I picked out our outfits, I planned for a day in the week that looked like pretty weather, and I scheduled time with myself for our own family session! LOL! Are you ever so busy that you have to schedule time with yourself?

I am usually taking other families' or seniors' photos on the pretty days in fall, but this year I made it a point to take care of my own family, too! Like any of my sessions, I planned out the location, knew the time for the best light, chose the lens, set the aperture and shutter speeds, and directed the poses. I had Zach press the remote (which you might even notice in some of the images) for our very own family photo session.

Between Buddy and Emmajean, it was hard to get a shot with everyone looking and smiling, but that's pretty typical when you're photographing multiple people and pets... especially with an 18-month-old!

I'm usually the one behind the camera, so it was fun to get dressed up, fix my hair, and take photos that I'd be excited to look back on over the years. 

I LOVE this photo of me holding our little cherub and will cherish it always. I know Emmajean isn't flashing her sassy wink or her huge smile, but I think she'll always look back at it fondly as well. She'll see a mom who adored her, who picked out a faux fur scarf to match her little fur collared shirt, who dressed her up like a baby doll and held her for photos in the front yard. She may even think her mom was "pulled together and well-rested," but I'll be sure she knows the truth!

I even had Zach take a quick photo of me with our first "kid" Buddy Long Nose! 

It's not always easy to capture the perfect smiles and sometimes you might have to offer a little bribe to get everyone on board, but it's real life and I LOVE how our little family session turned out... lollipop, remote, and all! ;)

There are things I love about all of the photos, especially the candid ones where we aren't even looking. I chose a handful to edit and print, and this one for us to share our wishes for the holiday season! 

Wishing you the happiest holidays 
filled with HOPE, PEACE, JOY, and AWE! 

Do you ever get so busy that you need to schedule yourself time, too? 
Scheduling your photo session takes time and money, but the end result is something that you'll cherish always... it's priceless! 



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