Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rice Krispie Treat Trees with Less (optional) Food Coloring

Rice Krispie Treat Trees

'Tis the Season... and the cute DIY ornaments and holiday sweet treats are filling our social media feeds! I have my own variation of DIY Rice Krispie Trees for you here today, and you don't have to use a TON of food coloring to make them adorable! In fact, you could opt to leave it out entirely.

To start, I used the recipe I shared here, but I ended up adding a couple extra cups of Rice Krispies to make "the batter" a little firmer. I let the batter cool just a bit before pouring it into parchment paper that I had shaped into a cone in my hand. I thought they'd turn out to be perfect cones, but my Rice Krispie Treat Trees were pretty gooey and took on a slight shape of their own. Good thing I embrace imperfection! 

They actually look pretty realistic! 

Rather than adding food coloring to the mix, I used a tiny dot of food coloring, and mixed it with cool water. Then I used a pastry brush to lightly brush the outside of our Treat Trees.

This method didn't give the Trees a ton of color, but just a hint of green. I don't really find solid green to be very appetizing, and this gave them almost a flocked look. 

I spruced up these friendly trees with a drizzled garland of white icing, and I think they turned out quite whimsical and fun! 

This festive activity would be fun to do with your kids or grandkids over the holidays!


If you're looking for a slightly simpler version of Rice Krispie Treat Trees (or other holiday shape) simply use a cookie cutter, and you can decorate with icing. There's nothing wrong with leaving them plain either! 


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