Saturday, December 9, 2017

Traveling with a toddler | Tip One

Traveling with a Toddler | TIP ONE

I've done quite a bit of traveling with Emmajean. Since she's been born we've had six major trips to see our family, and today we are making our way to the Eastern Iowa Airport for her 7th round trip flight in 18 months! There's always slight anxiety, but I'll let you know some of the tips I've learned in our travel experience that has made it easier on us all!


We used to nurse when flying and she would sleep the entire flight! Those were the days.. ;) Now I just pack an arsenal of E's favorite snacks to get us through the trip.

My sister in law gave me this Ju-Ju-Be insulated lunch bag nine years ago and I've used it a TON. Currently it is my go-to for Emmajean when traveling, and I'll show you why....

I can fit a ton of stuff in it, it's lightweight, insulated, I love the little zipper pouch in the top, it's easy to clean, and the handle clips open and close. I clip this to my diaper bag so that I can easily access it while we're traveling. 

Have you ever tried to reach under the seat in front of you with an infant on your lap? It's darn near impossible. Having this little bag that I can unhook and sit up in the seat with while we are flying makes it easier on us all!

These are the goodies I'll be taking today as I travel south with Emmajean to visit our NC family.

Emmajean loves the Gerber Organic apple spinach blueberry pouch.. this particular veggie pouch had to make it in the bag. I always take the favorite veggie when traveling... not the best time to try something new unless it's a sure thing, like a lollipop! I also packed a bag of popcorn, which is her favorite snack this week, an apple, her sippy cup with water, and the ultimate bribery ... a handful of individually wrapped prunes. SHE LOVES THEM!   

Bonus Tip: I also have a bag of M&Ms to help get us both through the flight!

I'll share more travel secrets with you soon, so stay tuned!

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