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Traveling with a Toddler | TIP TWO

Traveling with a Toddler | TIP TWO

The thought of flying with an infant/toddler can be terrifying! We've had to conquer this fear and managed to learn a few tricks along the way. I was 18 years old before I ever flew on a plane and yesterday Emmajean took her 15th flight in 18 months. Every kiddo is different, but we hope our experiences will help make traveling easier for you, too! 

Yesterday I shared TIP ONE (SNACKS) for traveling with a toddler and today I'll get to tip two, but first I'd like to update you on our flight home. We made it! It was the first time Emmajean has not slept a wink on the flight. I'm so glad I packed her snack bag full of things she enjoys. I'm also super glad I saved the M&Ms for last case/emergency. She munched the entire flight and at the very end, when she began to get slightly fussy, I pulled out the little Ziploc filled with M&Ms. They lifted her spirits as the plane landed. Whew.... it's always a relief when the plane lands and we've made it through another trip with no meltdowns!  

Just as important as snacks (maybe even more important) has been our carrier. 

TIP TWO - A Comfortable Carrier

You see in the picture that I brought along our small umbrella stroller for this trip. Emmajean rode in it a little bit, but we mostly used it for a diversion. She likes to play with it and push it around, which came in handy while we waited to board our flight. However, we could have done without the stroller, because she spends the majority of the trip in her carrier or walking around holding our hands.

There are a ton of carriers on the market and as Emmajean grew I started to do research to find a carrier that would best support my back while traveling (and shopping, and anything where I want to carry her around!). I had seen the Lillebaby, the Ergo carrier and other expensive carriers online, but hadn't justified spending that much money when I had a perfectly good hand-me-down baby bjorn and an infantino. That is until I booked a flight last May. I booked a solo flight for Emmajean's first birthday/and my first Mother's Day (which happened to fall on the same day), and slight panic set in at the thought of traveling alone with our feisty 12 month old. I knew I needed more back support and something that would make her feel strapped-in-place. 

I spent a week researching several carriers. 

Ultimately I purchased the Lillebaby All Seasons carrier and it has been a LIFESAVER! I was able to look at different buying options and found it slightly reduced on Ebay, but amazon has specials for this one too. A few great things about this carrier are that you can use it from newborn to toddler, it unzips to reveal a mesh layer for hot weather and zips up for a cooler weather, it has sturdy padded straps, excellent back support, and most's very comfortable

I digress.. any comfortable carrier you find is a must for traveling with a toddler! Emmajean spends 90% of the trip in the carrier and it keeps her calm during the flight. 

Additional Tip* All but twice, the flight attendants have asked us to unhook the child from the carrier during take off and landing. This sucks, because if she thinks she is "free" she immediately wants up to run around! So, I keep the Lillebaby attached around my waist and remove the shoulder straps. This way E isn't technically "attached" into the harness, but she's still sitting on the harness. So far she seems to think she's still strapped in, which makes it easier to keep her calm. Keeping her calm and in the carrier for the duration of the flight has been our traveling lifesaver and in the past she's slept the majority of the flight!

Here is an affiliate link to a Lillebaby carrier like the one I use with Emmajean. 


If you decide to purchase your own Lillebaby carrier and use this link, they'll send me a few pennies at no extra cost to you. Thanks for helping me maintain SunnyinSaintOlaf! :)

Do you fly with your little one(s)?
What's your favorite carrier..why?
Can you guess what tip three is going to be?

Check back soon for Travel Tip numero Three!

Cheers :)


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