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10 years | Growing Love

10 years | Growing Love

Some of our first photos together, Charlotte, NC, 2008

Somehow, it's been TEN years since Zach and I went on our first date. It feels like it was yesterday, and a lifetime ago! So much has happened that I could never sum it up in a single post (but you can read all about how our love story started here)!

We've been so lucky to have each other through thick and thin, a move across the country, the birth of our daughter, countless fun outings, the passing of loved ones, new jobs, and every other mundane event that together makes up this crazy beautiful journey!

In ten years together, I've learned and grown so much... we both have.Young love grows and changes. Marriage isn't a never-ending honeymoon. It's friendship, teamwork, adapting, and loving each other despite all of your quirks and flaws. Relationships prosper when there is open communication, and being honest with your fears and dreams is important. You're going to make mistakes, there may be hurt feelings, but working through things together makes you strong individually and as a couple.

Being able to talk and listen has given our relationship strength, happiness, and comfort over the years. I'm so grateful that Zach is a good listener.

Then there is balance. Z is my other half, my balance.  Sometimes I have to remind myself of that, when he's calm and collected over something and I'm freaking out over the same thing (I'm the worrier)!  If he got worked up over things like I do, we would be in a world of trouble. I like to think he calms me and I help keep him up to date on things like the end of the world!

In short, ten years has taught me that true lasting love is: listening, forgiving, balancing, enjoying, and remembering to be grateful for each other.

The greatest love ...♥

It's not always smooth sailing, and sometimes I miss those initial butterflies from our first days together, but I wouldn't trade the comfort, trust, and the love we've grown for anything! There's no one on the planet I'd rather do this journey with than my hubby! I'm so grateful for the joy I have from living life with these two. 

I'm looking forward to the next ten... and for as long as the earth keeps turning.

Do you have a relationship tip or two? Feel free to share in the comments!

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