Thursday, February 8, 2018

Handmade Valentine Cards | Kids Crafts | Holiday


I love things that are handmade. For most holidays, Zach and I skip gifts entirely and just make each other sweet little handmade cards or handwritten notes. I cherish these love notes and have saved them through the years... he saves all of mine, too! :) 

This week it has been bitter cold in Iowa and our toddler is fighting her first chest cold. So, we have been staying inside, playing around the house, snuggling, reading books, napping, and crafting!  

Yesterday, we used hearts that we had sponge painted a few weeks ago from a craft idea that we got through Follow the link to take Jamie's "Hands On 7-Day Challenge"I promise you won't regret it! If you use this link to join the free challenge, I may earn something. Emmajean loves doing Jamie's activities, and if you visit her blog, you may even spot an Emmajean cameo appearance!

It was so fun and easy to sponge paint these hearts. Emmajean and I made a ton of them with plans to cut them out to make our Valentines this year. I wasn't certain how we'd incorporate them, but I knew I wanted to use them and other materials that I had around the house. 

I dug into our craft box and pulled out pipe-cleaners, construction paper, tape, a glue stick and markers. Emmajean helped me paint the hearts for her Valentines, but she decided to craft on her own when it was time to put them together. I did the assembling of these adorable, heart-flower, handmade cards. 

What can I say... she loves her glue stick!

These valentines were simple, fun to make, and I'm sure will put a smile on Emmajean's friends' faces (and her daddy and grandparents, too)! ♥ 

While I finished up with the cards, Emmajean had fun making a HUGE birthday card for her cousin, who happened to be born on Valentine's Day! Happy early birthday, Carly! (Aunt A, maybe you can wait until after it comes in the mail to share this with your little valentine birthday girl.♥) 

Have you ever made your own cards? Do you go all out for Valentine's Day? 

Happy Crafting! 

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