Wednesday, April 4, 2018


It's been quite the SPRING in Saint Olaf! :) 

It looks just like this today, even though I took these photos a week or two ago. It seems as though spring and winter can't make up their minds. Fortunately, this snow was finally warm enough to play in! Let me explain for my friends back in NC: it may snow multiple times throughout an Iowa winter, but when temps are in the negative degrees, we stay inside. BRRRRR, as E would say! For those of you who saw E pulling her sled around the yard with her garden decor fox a few days ago, you can bet she was excited for this snowy spring adventure. She got to ride in the sled while we pulled her around the yard. She had fun playing on her sliding board, and Dad even taught her how to make snowballs....

She didn't quite master catching the snowballs. It was a fun spring day in the snow!

Not only is it spring and already APRIL, but it's this guy's birth month! So you know, it's going to be a fun month. I'm just hopeful for some sunny warm days in the upcoming forecast! 


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