Monday, May 14, 2018

Mother's Day Weekend 2018

My reason for being...

This Mother's Day weekend has been filled with art, travel, friends, family, fun and so many emotions! Between heading to Des Moines for my first night away from my cherub, to having a fancy lunch and a day of shopping adventures with my friend Kate, to participating in my first ever Iowa Artist State Show (more on that coming soon), to heading north to Decorah for the ArtHaus 10-year celebration and watching my artwork be selected, to listening to Zach play guitar with the band Naomi, to an amazing brunch with our family for Mother’s Day followed by an awesome nap, to a spontaneous early birthday celebration with the grandparents, and to finally winding down before bed for our last night with a one-year-old… I almost can’t handle all of the emotions!

The weekend started with my first overnight trip away from my baby girl and ended with ice cream cake and snuggles. Surprisingly, I wasn’t super emotional as I drove away on Friday. I knew our little one was in wonderful hands with her dad and grandparents, and I was so excited for all of the adventures ahead. The trip went great! I made it through the two days without getting emotional away from the little one. I took a nice long hot shower, I shopped til I dropped, I learned new art techniques, I met other artists and visited with old friends. It was awesome. 

It wasn't until today that the emotions began to hit. I'll admit even though my mom warned me, I had a slight pang in my chest when I woke up this morning and E didn’t seem concerned that I had been gone! Then, I went to change her diaper and noticed she must have grown two inches in the 48 hours since I had last seen her...pang #2. Then bedtime rolled around and along came pang #3!  As I sang my precious cherub to sleep, her head nestled into my neck, her arms rested on mine, and her legs hung longer than I remembered. She's growing literally before my eyes. I gently tucked in my one-year-old knowing that I will wake up tomorrow to my bright-eyed, spunky two-year-old and the tears began to flow. 

Life is precious and so short. I know everyone says enjoy every day, because they go by in a blink and babies don't keep. I genuinely treasure each day with my little one and she's always going to be my baby girl. I’m just so grateful for the chance to raise this tiny human and for the support system I have in my husband, family, and friends. Being a mom is by far the hardest and most rewarding thing I’ve ever done. It's a privilege and I'm so grateful. 

I’m grateful for all of those who mother, for my own mother and E’s grandmothers, for this chance to be her mom. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there! I hope you’ll share your stories, the good, the bad, the emotional, and the beautiful! 

I want to say an extra special Happy Mother’s Day to my mom who’s taught me that the meaning of life is to learn to love, to my super amazing mom-in-law who raised an incredible man and who takes such wonderful care of our cherub, to all of my friend moms and mom figures who are guiding little human beings in this world... Happy Mother's Day! 

I’d also like to ask a prayer of peace, joy, and remembrance for all of those who’ve lost their moms; and a prayer of health, hope, and fulfillment for those who are yearning to be moms.

I’m so grateful for the constant surprises both scary and spectacular that mom-hood continues to throw my way… Emmajean, I love you with all that I am!


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