Wednesday, July 11, 2018


Buying art is an investment in your home, your health, and your heart. :) 

When new friends visit our home for the first time, they get a tour of the rooms AND all of the art on the walls (if they want). Being an artist, many people initially wonder if the work throughout my home is mine or created by other artists. The answer is: both! 

I am always rotating my own artwork between various galleries, exhibits, and have a few pieces that are in my own "permanent collection." Over the years, I have also fallen-in-love with several other pieces and collected from other artists. I genuinely feel a connection to the artwork on my walls and therefore to the people who created it, too. If you've never purchased an original piece, try it! You'll be surprised by what even a small piece of art can do for your soul. 

Today, I'm sharing my most recent art purchase, "Purple Iris" by Kris Grover - Luna Fiber Artist, Co. 

I was immediately drawn to this piece. I didn't buy it right away and kept thinking about it. When I saw that Kris was about to take this original piece to another show I jumped on it and purchased it up for own home. (So happy it's mine!)

I love Kris's torn paper collages for their vivid colors and attention to detail and I feel like they have a similar whimsical quality to my own art. I enjoy looking at this darling piece and it brightens my mood on a daily basis! 

When people say they don't have any more wall space, I feel their pain... BUT that doesn't stop me from finding the perfect location for something that speaks to my heart. Sometimes you just have to get creative. Luckily, the music notes hiding in Purple Irises encouraged me to redecorate the top of our piano. ♥ Thanks for making beautiful work, Kris G! 

Shop Local

Here are a few local places to SHOP ART:

Guttenberg Gallery - Guttenberg, IA

The Turkey River Mall - Elkader, IA (Find me on the third floor)

Art in the Park Fine Art Festival is set for August 18th and 19th in Founders' Park, Elkader, IA! You can find me, Kris, and many more local and regional artists selling a variety of media and styles of artwork, and you get to meet the artist, too! 

cheers ♥

Where's your favorite place to shop ART?!

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