Sunday, November 4, 2018

JWebb Photography | Brandy's NE Iowa Photo Session

This is one amazing human being. She's beautiful on the inside and out, and I was so honored she asked me to photograph her. My sessions are typically in the late afternoon or early evening, but we switched it up for this mid morning stroll through the woods and wildflowers of northeast Iowa earlier this summer. 

The light was gorgeous and the trees and land provided a breathtaking backdrop as we talked about life, love, politics, new ideas, and her dream - the 30 Day Gratitude Project 
We actually met awhile ago, but this was our first time spending quality time one on one together and it was so refreshing getting to know her and enjoy the great outdoors together! 

These are some of my favorite images from our beautiful day in the Driftless area of NE ... 

Nature, beauty, breathe.

Butterflies, yoga, breathe.

Peace, sunshine, smiles...

timber, grass, wildflowers...


Strength, confidence, stretch...




Breathe in the fresh air, the light, and the love that radiates from all of the wonderful souls who walk the earth with us. I'm grateful for the awareness that we're all in this together. 

More about her 30 day gratitude project coming to the blog soon.

Brandy, I wish you the best as you follow your dreams and I hope these images help you on your path! I look forward to many more walks in the woods with ya! :) 


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