Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Glass Meets Canvas at The Left Bank Shop and Gallery

Over the last several years, I’ve had numerous pieces of my artwork in the retail gallery at The Left Bank Shop and Gallery. This season I decided to exhibit and sell my abstract collection at the Left Bank. I love how they displayed my abstracts, layered behind an artist's vibrant glass work. The colors worked so well together. Obviously, I was ecstatic to receive a call asking me to be a featured artist for "Glass Meets Canvas," the fall special exhibit at The Left Bank Shop and Gallery in McGregor, IA.

It was thrilling to see the gallery on opening night. Debra and Sandy did a fantastic job hanging the exhibit and I’m so honored to be sharing this gorgeous space with such talented artists. I really enjoyed meeting several people at the opening reception a few weeks ago and especially loved talking with Barb McKinlay and Debra Hall about their artwork. I’ve admired both of these artists for years and it’s always fun to get to visit with other creators.

Barb McKinlay - Wow. I can’t rave enough about the creativity behind each of her glass collections, but I am so drawn to her figures. The free-standing people, the energy, the color... it grabs me as the light dances across and through it. Barb’s work is whimsical and uplifting.

Debra Hall creates abstract mixed media artwork that feels rugged, real, and authentic to the core. I admire Debra’s passion for the layered tactile surfaces, and the playful and experimental qualities of her work resonate in a way that feels therapeutic. I really want to get back to the gallery while it’s still on display to admire it again.

Nona Hyytinen is an incredible painter and also featured in "Glass Meets Canvas". Her realistic oil paintings are exquisite! They're all beautiful and reminiscent of the masters, but her largest pieces are absolutely jaw dropping…you've got to get in to see this work in person. 

Next up, Vicky Kurk, from Spring Grove, MN, shares her love for leaded glass and design.
Calming and peaceful, Vicky's glass artwork is thoughtfully detailed and inspired by the world around her. Her artwork feels natural and comfortable. You can find free-standing pieces along with pieces that hang on your window or wall.

And lastly....

I’ll address my own abstract atmospheres, a collection that started at the University of North Carolina and has evolved over the last decade. This work embodies the artistic process focusing on the paint, the colors, the textures, and how they’re layered and applied to evoke emotion in the viewer. While the work is abstract, it takes the viewer to a place of emotional connection that is very real. Whether chaotic or calm, these abstract atmospheres incite a variety of visceral reactions within the viewer. I’d love to know where it takes you.  

"Glass Meets Canvas" will be up through Nov 4th, so if you didn’t make it over to see the exhibit yet, you still have two weeks! Don’t miss out on the chance to see all this engaging artwork for yourself!

Not to mention, it’s the perfect time to treat yourself with the gift of art or to shop for that special someone before the holidays!

Thank you for visiting and we hope you'll stop into the Left Bank soon! Open daily from 9-5. 


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