Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

2018 has been another year filled with art, family, and fun toddler adventures. Like any, it's had its share of ups and downs, and lessons learned. It's been challenging and amazing. It's been a year of growth and exploration. I have stuck to and accomplished some of my goals and dreamt up more along the way!

I've made new friends and clients, continued to grow my business, spent lots of time with my precious toddler, volunteered in the community, pulled off a couple of cross country trips, was featured in art exhibits in McGregor, Elkader, and Guttenberg, and so much more! With all of the craziness, I'm honestly looking forward to the winter and hibernating with my family and art.

As I think about my goals for the new year, with faith, family, and art my focus, I'll continue to work on a happy balance. Life is a crazy, beautiful balancing act and I am excited for all that 2019 has in store...

Cheers to finding balance and making more time to spend with friends in 2019!


More fun and friends.
Less worry...
More art.
Less mess...
Less clutter.


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